In February 2014 a task force was formed to create a new LGBT and Friends mixed (four part harmony) chorus.  After several meetings we began rehearsing in May.  

We performed for various local organizations within the first few months with the intention of building bridges between all communities.

We had our first concert on December 13th and 14th, 2014 at Madison Square Presbyterian Church our "Twisted Family Holiday" concert was a smashing success!

Which was followed by a special joint with the Capital City Men's Chorus (of Austin) in Spring 2015.

We continue to do outreaches through out San Antonio and led by by Founding Artistic Director Ron Casola and current Artistic Director Ray Norris.

Music Style - SATB 
(Soprano, Alto, Tenor, & Bass)

Live Oak Singers was established as a SATB Chorus to capture the wide range of voicing and musical styles in each musical selection and performance.
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The Name:
Live Oak Singers

During the first steering committee meeting, the members were sitting outside at a local park. 
They discussed many names but nothing seemed quite right.  One of the committee members suggested "Live Oak Singers" since they were all sitting under an oak tree.
The symbolism of the Live Oak Tree: 
  • strong roots (volunteers and donors)
  • supportive trunk (leadership and members)
  • branches (outreach to various communities)
  • leaves (our patrons and external supporters)  
An oak tree is a perfect illustration of strength, growth, and support.